Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cold Potato Salad

Don't you think that every BBQ should have a potato salad? I do! To me a cold potato salad sort of balances out the grilled foods. Plus it is really no joke standing over a BBQ pit in temperaturs of 24C and a humidity of 90s and still try to grill some sausages and chicken wings. So a cold dish works awfully well in such circumstances. Sometimes I envy those of you who live in much cooler climates .... it would be so much fun to have a BBQ, say in autumn or spring.

My ex colleague organized a BBQ at her place couple of months ago and I volunteered to bring some potato salad. It was a great gathering as I managed to catch up with other ex-colleagues, some of whom I have not seen for the last 10 years. We had so much food as well - satays, curry chicken, BBQ spicey stingray and calamari and chicken wings. Not forgetting we also had dessert after that.

Cold potato 2

Cold Potato Salad
Serves 4
Recipe Adapted from "Classic Essential - Potatos" published by Periplus Mini Cookbooks


600g waxy white or red potatoes unpeeled (eg. russett potatos)
1 large sized red onion, finely chopped
1 small green capsicum, chopped
1 small red capsicum, chopped
3 celery sticks, chopped
1/4 cup finely chopped spring onion

For the Dressing:

3/4 cup (185g) whole egg mayonnaise
2 Tbsp white wine vinegar or lemon juice (add more if you like it a bit sourish)
3 Tbsp sour cream
1 tsp dried mixed herbs or Italian herbs
Salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste


1) Boil potatoes in big pot of water until cook. If potatoes are very large, cut them in half. Drain and cool completely. Then remove skin and cut into 1" cubes.

2) Combine the celery, onion and capsicum with the cubed potatoes in a large mixing bowl.

3) In another bowl, add all the ingredients for the dressing and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste.

4) Pour the dressing over the salad and toss to combine. Transfer to a serving bowl. Garnish with spring onion. Cover salad bowl with clingwrap and place into refrigerator for about an hour. Serve cold.

Cold potato 1

Cold potato 3


Quinn said...

They look great! In Aussie, we always do BBQs in winter and it's amazing but you soon get sick of the cold. And just to share, most of the cold potato salad has crumbled bacon and chopped hard-boiled eggs in them. Try it next time!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

a simple and nice salad.

Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

I agree with you absolutely! Cold potato salad is perfect for a barbie. And oh yes, if Singapore had weather that was just slightly cooler and drier, it would be perfect. I would love to make this potato salad to eat for a weekday lunch.

ann low said...

I also like to make cold potato salad with additional apples or pears and raisins.

busygran said...

A very delicious potato salad indeed! I love mine with some crispy bacon sprinkled!

Boabe de Cafea said...

This salad must be very good!

Pei-Lin said...

Erm ... Not necessary. Actually, the Mat Salehs prefer to grill in the summer as summer is the best time to have fun outdoors, I suppose. When I was in northern Minnesota, I still preferred to bake in spring and fall! Haha! I've not really tried mastering the art of grilling.

Yes, cold potato salad is such a classic! But then, in my situation, given that there's already too much food, I can only take less of the salad. Potatoes are a source of carb! Haha! It's been a long time since I had the salad. When I have time, I promise I'm gonna make some. I'll just have it as a meal then, nothing else! ;)

Hey, thank you for the kind words and encouragement! I always appreciate it ... though I know I'm super long-winded! LOL! You have lovely week ahead, too! Take care! See you real soon!

pigpigscorner said...

Ppl here love to BBQ in Summer, I always wonder WHY?! I know the sun is out and all, but it's so hot! Anyway, a cold potato salad is definitely a great side for BBQ stuff, very refreshing!

Angie's Recipes said...

This makes a great picnic lunch...easy to make and delicious to taste.

Little Inbox said...

I made the similar cold potato salad, but it's with just potato, spring onion and the salad dressing.

MaryMoh said...

That looks really creamy and delicious. Great for parties and BBQ too.

tigerfish said...

I prefer to do BBQs in cooler weather too but here, they like to do it during summer! :O ....some cold potato salad is definitely good for the heat.

El said...

The local potatoes just came in at the farm. I can't wait to make this!

Kris Ngoei said...

I agree this salad will balance out the greasy bbq food.. looks delicious, a must for a bbq event!

Sawadee from bangkok,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful potato salad. I love mine with egg, chopped crisp bacons and chives :)

Jo said...

Hi all, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Quinn, Tigerfish & Ellie, yup I would usually add bacon bits but without hard boiled eggs most of the time. Had to omitt the bacon bits this time as I had Muslim friends.

Hi Anncoo, it does sound something like a waldof salad with pears and raisins.

Hi Ju, absolutely agree. If only Singapore was cooler say mid 20C day time and drier, I certainly would not mind a "barbie" for lunch.

faithy said...

I LOVE potato salad!!! Yums!! Now it's nearing lunch time and you make me crave for it. Next time you make some, please pass some over..:D

MC said...

hehe, Hi Sis Bro here... taking your recipe. Adding green apples and gherkins. Whatcha think ?

Jo said...

Hi bro, not a bad idea with the apples and gerkins. But suggest you don't be to heavy handed on the gerkins. Some ppl may not like it. I guess you are using red apples right, for the added sweetness to balance the sour cream/gerkins?

sumidubi said...

This Salad is fabulous.Amazing vegetarian recipe.My family love this recipe.First time I make and its fabulous.Great.

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