Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hippie Dog

About 4 years back when I only had Benji (my white Shitzu) - by the way he's now 11 years in dog years (in human age he is 77 years, so he's about my dad's age) - I had decided to keep his coat long.

He's got a very thick coat and leaving it long meant regular combing to prevent matting. Now that I look back at those times, I don't think I'll ever do it again!

His hair got to a stage that was long enough to even braid it. I would tie 2 pony tails on top of his head and every time I'd take him out for a walk, passers-by would mistake him for a "girl" - that's because he looked very adorable. Don't you think he looks adorable?

Since then, I've now kept his coat short. Not for my convenience (well some ...) but more so for him. As Benji grows older, it's much more comfortable for him and he doesn't feel too hot when the temperature runs in the high 90's F.

This dog of mine has always been a rebel dog and has his own personality. He'll only come to you when he's in the mood or when he wants his tummy to be rubbed. He's a sucker for tummy rubs! Otherwise he'll just sit in his corner and just look at you from afar. I can sometimes call him until the cows come home and he'll still be sitting in his corner. He's probably thinking "what, you want me to come over ..... are you mad!" He doesn't like to play fetch as well - but he will do so for his favourite toy, yellow rubber ducks, but don't expect him to bring it to you.

Fat chance!

This is what he looks like now with his short coat!


southernoise said...

ha... wookie my shih tzu is around 3 years now. She loves belly rubs too and its sometimes so hard to get her to "come". Its a shih tzu thing!

She's all here

Jo said...

saw ur pics of wookie ... she is so adorable! i just love shih tzu's especially when they are puppies. my other shitzu tzu milo looks like ur wookie except it's a HE and his got more brown on his body.

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