Friday, October 31, 2008

Chocolate Orange Ice-Cream

I recently purchased a Kenwood ice-cream maker through a local auction site. It was certainly at a bargain, close to 35% discount from retail price. The appliance was new as the seller got it as a present and she had no intention of making ice-cream at all. So I guess her loss was my gain!

Thus the next day, I browsed for ice-cream recipes to test out my new acquisition and came across a chocolate orange ice-cream. Both these combinations have always worked out well in cakes and cookies. So why not with ice-cream. This ice-cream turned out very rich, so if you are a chocolate lover you may want to give this recipe a try.

Chocolate Orange Ice-Cream


150g dark chocolate (I used Valhora chocolate 70% cocoa)
6 egg yolks
75g caster sugar
200ml whole milk
300ml double or thickened cream
Finely grated zest of 1 orange


1) Finely chop the chocolate and set to one side.

2) In a mixing bowl whisk the egg yolks and sugar until pale and mousse-like.

3) Gently heat the milk and cream in a saucepan until almost boiling. Then pour in a steady stream over the sugar and yolks, whisking as you do so.

4) Return the mixture to the pan and cook, stirring all the time, until the mixture thickens. You can check the consistency by dipping a wooden spoon into the mixture then running your finger over the back of the spoon. If your finger leaves a clean trail then the mixture is ready.

5) Remove from the heat, add the chopped chocolate and stir until fully melted. Leave until cool.

6) Stir in the orange zest and then use the mixture to make the ice-cream according to the instructions of your ice-cream maker.


Patsyk said...

Chocolate and orange are such a delicious combination! Enjoy your new ice cream maker!

Sharon said...

Wow, congrats on the great find for an ice cream maker! It sounds so much fun, and everything looks so delicious!

Thip said...

Perfect combination, Jo.
p.s. You knew the result on DMBLGIT before me. Thanks. :)

Natashya said...

Beautiful ice cream! You will have lots of fun with your new toy.

Pearlsofeast said...

wow what a superb combination and It is beautiful.

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