Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vote for Ringo ..... "Star Pooch of the Month"

Yeah!!  And thanks if you have voted.  Ringo has been picked TOP 6 and has advanced to the final rounds of voting.  If you have not voted, please do and if you had voted earlier, please do vote one more time.  Votes are now counted from zero again ...... closing date is 27 January.   Keeping my fingers crossed! 


I recently entered Ringo, my Boston Terrier into a competition which is meant for three different dog breeds - Botson Terriers, French Bulldogs and Pugs. 

The top two pooches with the most number of votes will receive a spa treatment and a make-over.    There are 2 rounds of competition and the first six pooches with the most number of votes will advanced to the second round. 

So as a "mummy" and with all parents, you would want your child to win!  In my case, the "child" happens to be a 4-legged furkid.  So I am reaching out through my blog to ask that you Vote for Ringo - "Star Pooch of the Month" .

You would need to LIKE the Facebook page first before you can vote.  Only one vote per person is allowed - and here is a sneak of Ringo's picture.   Isn't he adorable?  He is a very sweet doggie and I adopted him in April 2012.  He is 7 and half years old and loves ... absolutely loves to play fetch.  He is very good at it too.  I think in his order of life it would be food, ball, sleep!

Please do vote for Ringo as he whispered to me last night that he "oooh so want to have a spa treatment".



Angie's Recipes said...

I was trying to vote, but why an app. popped up?

Jo said...

Hi Angie, you need to be on your FB account, like Petopia's page and then click the vote button.

Ringo is now been picked for Round 2 and votes are refreshed again. So please help to vote.

Alice said...

Ringo is such a cutie :)
Happy Chinese New Year to u, Jo :)

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