Thursday, May 1, 2008

My New Oven

I am today the proud owner of a new 42L Delonghi table top oven. I've been contemplating over the last couple of months on getting a bigger oven to replace my 20L Tefal oven which is 5+ years already. My current oven is still in good running order except that it only allows me to bake a maximum of 6 cupcakes any one time ... so you can image how long it takes for me to churn out 2 dozen of these treats ....

Today I made the final decision of going out and getting it ... no more "let me think about it ... maybe next month .... maybe when we move house ....maybe, maybe, maybe!"

My hubby and I went to Courts this afternoon which is a big electrical store not far from my home. I've already checked out a few ovens and nothing comes close to Delonghi in terms of size and function - further more it has an "oven fan" function which helps to circulate the internal heat evenly. Most ovens, including my current one, is hotter on one side ... my cupcakes turn out more gloden one side compared to the other.

The oven cost me $599 (Singapore Dollars) less 8% discount ... I think it's going to be worth every cent. We lugged it back in the car and immediately started to take it out of the box. Even my shitzu Milo lent a hand ... ooops I meant paw!

My hubby helped to re-arrange my kitchen counter-top. Since the new oven is almost twice the size of my Tefal, it's going to take up even more space in my already miniscule kitchen ... But after moving some things around, it's really not too bad! Can't wait for weekend to try it out ....

Here's a pic of my new oven .....

And putting the old Tefal to rest ... (R.I.P.)

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Nohemi said...

It was a good to decision to buy a bigger oven to meet your baking needs. It’ll make your baking a lot faster which means less electric consumption, and more time for other activities. By the way, is baking a business, or do you just bake treats for your family?

-Nohemi Tutterrow

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