Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's Bath Day!

How the week has flown past ... and it's already Sunday today! Can't even remember what I had done over the last 6 days. All I do know is it's Monday blues again tomorrow .... sigh!

Any way it's bath day again for my two fur balls ... that's my 2 shitzus, Benji (he's the white one) and Milo (you guessed it ... he's chocolate and white, hence the name).

Both love their bath times except Benji who hates getting his face wet. He has a double coat so really does look like a huge white fur ball. Both are absolutely lovable ... and after their bath they will both roll on the floor, pick up their favourite toys from their basket - a huge basket of toys at that - and will strew it all over the place. Milo will go berserk .. and will run up and down the living room area.

Some how or other Benji and Milo know it's week-ends ... I don't know how but they do. Maybe coz me and my hubby will wake up later than usual ... they have more treats and they see more of us than usual.

I guess they are just simple minded doggies and anything will make they happy!

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