Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Friends and a Bloggers Meet-Up

I really cannot believe that it was almost a month ago that Pei-Lin of Dodol & Mochi contacted a group of Singapore food bloggers asking if we would be interested to meet up. I have not met Pei-Lin personally but know her through her amazing blog and heh .. she is a fellow country-woman of mine too! And me being me, of course I jumped at the idea (with a somewhat tinge of reservation in meeting a bunch of total strangers). As more and more confirmed their participation, the gears of motion into planning the event started. Edith of Precious Moments kindly volunteered her beautiful home to all of us.

So it was on Sunday, 8 August, we all met up around noon for an afternoon of chatting and feasting. When I arrived just about noon, Jane of Passionate About Baking was already there. The rest started to stream in and just after 1:00 pm, we decided it was time to tuck into the delicious spread of food contributed by each. I was thoroughly blown away by the dishes prepared, and from scratch as well .. no pre-packed ingredients!

I had initially anticipated the afternoon to last about three odd hours but would you believe me if I told you that it lasted for 6 hours. OMG .. and this is a group of strangers meeting for the first time! I had to leave at about 5pm as my hubby was hanging around the vicinity but if I didn’t have to rush off, I could have continued the night away. Edith would probably have had to provide us with camping tents for the evening if that was the case.

meetup 2

meetup 2

The talent around the room spoke for itself. I was also taken aback that the youngest blogger in the group is only 18 years old. Gosh – I would never have thought of baking, cooking or blogging when I was at her age. In fact the kitchen was the last place I had wanted to be – I had to be scolded by my parents just to help out with the food preparation. We chatted on numerous topics, from food, recipes, ingredients, method of preparation, bloggers, etc. It was truly amazing that a single interest could bring all of us together so comfortably. I am truly glad that Pei-Lin took the initiative to organize the gathering .. thank you my dear friend! And thank you Edith for being a wonderful host! Also check out the talent behind these blogs.

Bee Bee of Honey Bee Sweets

Grace of Kitchen Corner

Jane of Passionate About Baking

Shirley of Kokken 69

Zhuoyuan (the only rose amongst the thorns) of Baking Library

Edith of Precious Moments

Jess of Bakericious

Ai Mei of My Baking Cottage

Yan Ee of Sweeter Side of Life

Pei-Lin of Dodol & Mochi

You-Fei of Loving Baking

Also check out the feast that was prepared.

meetup 4

meetup 7

meetup 6

meetup 8

meetup 5


Angie's Recipes said...

A fun FOOD party! Lots of nice finger food!

Jess @ Bakericious said...

Jo, you managed to snap some photos on the bloggers too, I only remember to snap the food hahaha... Great meeting you on Sun, is such a pity for me to miss out your wonderful blog, be prepared that I will drop by frequent from now :)

Pei-Lin@Dodol and Mochi said...

Jo, nice coverage of the meet-up!! Ah, I came in like 20 minutes late ... So, I sorta had an idea what happened before that. Yay! Yea, I stayed till 6!

No, no ... I think you should say ZY is the only thorn among the roses! LOL! How could you have the symbols reversed? LOL!

Glad that I got to know for over a year. You were one of the first few to drop comments on my blog when it was still "lonesome." LOL! Check back my archive, you can see the traces you'd left there. LOL! It was such a thrill to have been able to meet you up in person! You're such a sweet lady to talk to! And no, I'm not shy. I'm PAISEH!!! Haha!

edith said...

It was good seeing you again Jo. Let's do it one more time before we go away for Christmas.

Bakertan said...

Hi Jo,

It is my pleasure meeting you and other ladies at the party. Sure had loads of fun. It was so comfortable that 6 hours seemed short!

Like Jess, I will be dropping by more often to read the older posts and the rich contents.

Cheers and happy baking and cooking =]

homeladychef said...

Hi jo, so unfortunate that I couldn't join you all this tine round, hope next time you all can invite me again ya! Love to meet up and eat like siao za bo !

pigpigscorner said...

I want a meet-up session too!

Kitchen Corner said...

That's really nice to see you in person! Thanks for your chicken curry. My hubby keep praising your curry chicken with me. You're great cook! I would love to learn the curry from you so that he won't keep murmuring on me :)

Jo said...

Hi all, it was such a pleasure meeting up with each of you and now that I have all your contacts/blogs, I too will be popping by to visit.

Hi Jess, yes managed to get human beings as well .. haha!

Hi Edith, it was so nice catching up again after so long.

Hi Pei-Lin, you "paiseh" ... would have guessed it. LOL!

Hi Grace, don't worry, you are in luck coz I'm posting up the recipe this weekend. Your hubby will stop murmuring, :P

Aimei said...

Hi Jo, nice meeting you at the blogger's gathering! :)

Michelle @ Greedy Gourmet said...

Wow, it sounded like you guys had a great time! Blogger get togethers are great fun, even though it's with a bunch of strangers because at least you have something in common...FOOD! Another plus point is knowing the food is going to be good because we all know a thing or two about cooking. :-)

Sophie said...

A meet up with fellow bloggers is allways lots of fun & cooking with each other is that too!

Thanks for sharing & the food looks quite fab!


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